The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens Novel Review

mountain story

In the past years, I always read authors that I knew from my friends, family, or from newspapers. However, even though the author is not a best seller, it can still be an amazing book. Nonetheless, I found this book while reading a magazine at my local library. It was recommended for a summer lecture. The synopsis really got me to borrow the book and read it. There is the synopsis I am talking about: 

Five days. Four hikers. Three survivors. From Lori Lansens, author of the national bestsellers Rush Home Road, The Girls and The Wife’s Tale comes to a gripping tale of adventure, sacrifice, and survival in the unforgiving wilderness of a legendary mountain.
On his 18th birthday, Wolf Truly takes the tramway to the top of the mountain that looms over Palm Springs, intending to jump to his death. Instead, he encounters strangers wandering in the mountain wilderness, three women who will change the course of his life. Through a series of missteps he and the women wind up stranded, in view of the city below, but without a way down. They endure five days in freezing temperatures without food or water or shelter and somehow find the courage to carry on.
Wolf, now a grown man, has never told his son, or anyone, what happened on the mountain during those five days, but he can’t put it off any longer. And in telling the story to his only child, Daniel, he, at last, explores the nature of the ties that bind and the sacrifices people will make for love. The mountain still has a hold on Wolf, composed of equal parts beauty and terror.

To be honest I did not finish the book all the way cause hiking stories are not really my favorite. Nonetheless, It could please an outdoor passionate and somebody who loves stories about people who get lost in the forest and everything. According to the Toronto Star, “The hero of this narrative is himself reborn emotionally over the course of his ghastly ordeal on San Jacinto Mountain. For a guy once on a mission to end it all, Wolf Truly morphs into a man with a passion for life, soon to become the father of the son for whom this engrossing saga of renewal and redemption is written. With The Mountain Story, Lori Lansens has written an epic work suffused with raw emotional power and resonance.” The book had some good criticisms, but it is definitely not my type.  


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