Central Park by Guillaume Musso Book review

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This book was on my summer reading list and I’m proud to say that Guillaume Musso is a brilliant author who makes near-death experiences really interesting. For example, he makes things that would never happen normally in our everyday lives possible. This time, it has a serial killer killing women with a piece of their lingerie from the other victim. They all had lost their something which linked them to one man. They were all looking for something and this man was the one who pretends to find their things, walk into their homes, no doubts that he could harm them. 

The plot is really interesting and Musso gives you a good background story of Alice, a 38 years old woman who works as a cop in Paris, France. She represents the modern woman that our society is trying to portray to our young girls. She is working in a male environment and she has a strong character/personality. It does match with what the society wants our young girls to be. She doesn’t let Gabriel make decisions easily. She wants to have control of the case about the man who killed her baby. We learned that Gabriel is not what he pretends to be which makes the book more interesting. Throwbacks in time are really helpful to understand the story and why Alice is so sensitive and fragile. She lost her baby and her baby on the same day and lost the opportunity to get revenge on her baby’s killer. There are a lot of suspense and action in the novel Central Park about the serial killer and how he is related to Alice’s story. The lies, the betrayal, the emotions make this book a masterpiece like Guillaume Musso always does. I couldn’t stop reading this book when all the actions came into only after the first chapter. There is a synopsis below of the book. 

Alice and Gabriel have no memory of the night before…yet they won’t forget it any­time soon.

New York, 8 am. Alice, a young Parisian cop, and Gabriel, American jazz pianist, wake up on a bench in Central Park hand­cuffed to one another. They don’t know each other and have no memory of having met. The night before, Alice was at a party with her girl­friends on the Champs-Elysées and Gabriel was playing piano in a club in Dublin.

Impossible? And yet… So many ques­tions leave them con­founded. How did they get them­selves into such a dan­gerous sit­u­a­tion? Whose blood has stained Alice’s shirt? Why is one bullet missing from her gun?

Alice and Gabriel are left with no choice but to team up to figure out what is hap­pening to them and get back to their normal lives. What they are going to dis­cover will turn their lives upside down.

I really recommend this book to every group of ages. Like I said, Guillaume Musso is a master in near-death experiences books. I also like the little citations that he puts on every chapter, it makes me think about how life is about little things, it makes me understand some concepts about life. It feels like philosophy to me. 



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