Friends Tv Show Psychoanalysis

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Nowadays, Friends is one of the most popular Tv show in the world on Netflix and every other streaming websites. Friends is a 1990s Tv shows casting 6 20 years old men and women (Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe) living in the beautiful apartment. They all have different characters that fit every one of us in a certain way. Personally, I characterized myself as Chandler because I am sarcastic and sometimes frustrated in love. However, I am a sensitive and caring person who wants to commit like he did with Monica. 

In fact, the show had influenced the 1990s as well as our modern society in good and bad ways. Especially in bad ways, I would say. Psychologically, our society has become more dysfunctional than it was in the past. Love is not even present anymore at this age range, fuckboys are more present than they ever were in the past. Moreover, cheating has become big components in some relationships while in the past, it was almost inexistent. I will talk about the good and the bad ways Friends had influenced our society as well as giving my personal appreciation of the show with both ways combined.

Good ways 

  • Monica and Chandler: They are the perfect example of what love should be about. Love is not about how you look on the outside, but how much you care about the person you loved, the compromises, the intimacy, and the friendship. You need to be lovers and best friends at the same time like Monica and Chandler were. In the show, we could see that Chandler was trying to prove to Monica that he was boyfriend’s material in season 3. Moreover, Monica is the perfect example that high school won’t always be the best experience, but that the future can look bright even though you were fat, ugly, or were bullied. Monica got the job she always wanted, she has a caring husband and will have twins Erika and Jack in season 10 on the last episode. On the other side, Chandler is really frustrated in love, but he is a really nice guy and the type of guy girls should fall for. Even though he is always going back with Janice, he is a good guy who wants to commit in a serious relationship with a girl (Not until he met Monica). 
  • Friendship is important: Joey and Chandler are the perfect examples of how friendship should go: Having fun and supporting one another.Until Chandler kissed Kathy, they were bros before hoes kind of friendship. Their friendship was their number one priority and nobody could break that. Like everybody else in friends, being a friend means being supportive and caring. Friendship is what makes them the people they are today and even if they are dysfunctional individuals in our modern society, friendship is what they have as the most important value in their lives.

Bad ways

  • Joey Tribbiani: The leader of a society of douchebags and Fuckboys: Joey makes believe the modern guy that it is easy to get girls just by saying how you doing!?  Joey is the perfect example of the modern fuckboy. He is cute, strong, and make you feel good just to get in your pants and never call you again. Joey is not capable of committing with a woman and sometimes, he really hurts them. Also, he wants to be an ambitious man, but he is not trying to get better at his actor’s job. 
  • Ross and Rachel: This is the typical type of relationships that people are cheering for: betrayal, cheating, and jealousy are the main component of a dysfunctional relationship. Ross and Rachel are victims of the HumanMagnet Syndrome that is well explained is Ross Rosenberg’s book. Ross and Rachel always go back to each other even if they cheated on each other or betray one another. Ross cheated on Rachel when they were on a break, which means that Ross would locate himself on the + side on the scale which is the narcissist part. Ross thinks of himself a lot and like when Rachel was working with Mark, he began to paranoid because he could not control or have a certain power on. Rachel is also a narcissist person at the beginning but as the seasons goes on, she began to go on the codependent side. Rachel is more stable as the season goes on. Anyway, this type of relationship is dysfunctional in many ways as well as influencing our society in a bad. They showed that is okay to cheat on your partner just because you want to satisfy your needs. The “we are on a break” concept is really stupid and had influenced our generation in a way that they don’t want to commit at all. Of course, this is only a part of our population because I know they are still people that want to get married and commit to another person. 

Personal appreciation

For my part, Friends was a show that changed my life in many ways and helped me get through bad days. However, our generation as becoming an army of Joey and sexual identity is not great anymore. Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica only talk about how a guy is cute even though he is a jerk, they want to go out with the typical fuckboy. It is also based on a Starbucks concept were people and students used to hang out there to chat with friends. However, nowadays students only hang out in coffee place to study which makes the concept lost a lot credibility. Also, the worst heritage, believe it or not, are couples like Ross and Rachel. Their relationship was really unhealthy in so many ways that it had an impact on our society today, I can’t say Friends is not a good show because it is a good show. Nonetheless, I can’t learn a lot from their relationships except for Monica and Chander. This show helped me learn English quickly as well as having a better understanding of what friendship should be about. I really enjoyed watching all the characters differs from each other and still be friends, which proves that you don’t really have to be the same to be friends with somebody. I recommend the show for its funniness and for how friendship is portrayed in it, but I don’t recommend it for how dysfunctional relationships are normal and how Joey shows respect to women. Also, how can it be possible to have nice apartments with a part time job? How can they miss work all the time and still be able to pay bills? Only Ross have a Ph.D. out of the 6 friends, which is really problematic. According to, 24.4%-27.5% of males and 18.4%-23.1% of females attended to college in the 1990s which explain why Ross is the only one with a Ph.D.


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