Best places to read this summer in Montreal and any other cities!

This summer, you want to relax and forget about school and everything. You probably want to do what you like and spend time with family, girlfriend/boyfriend, and friends. However, it is good to take time for yourself to grow and also to learn new things through reading. Reading at home can get boring if it is beautiful outside, so there are some places that I would recommend for you if you want to get out of the house to read this summer. 


1- The Beach

The beach is the go-to destination spot during the summer. Why not get comfy laid out on a towel and work on your tan while checking that book off the list?

Also, it is a great place to go with friends and family for a friendly swimming, volleyball game and throw some frisbee. It is also a peaceful place to read while listening to your favorite music, take the vitamin D you need, get a beautiful tan as well as learning and please yourself with a book. Look out for your local beach on google map and pack a lunch and most importantly, your book. 

2- The Park

Sometimes you need a bit of white noise in the background to create the best reading environment. Whether it’s children playing on the playground or people walking their dogs, a local park is a great place to get those pages flying.

I love reading in a park personally because there are a lot of trees where you can hide underneath if it is too hot outside. Also, you can get that summer that you wanted like if you were at the beach. Also, you can pack a lunch and drinks to have a picnic with your friends, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend. 

3- By the pool

The summer heat is blazing and what better way to cool down than relaxing by the pool? In a chair in the shade or getting your feet wet, the pool is a great local way to fully enjoy your summer vacation while still breezing through your summer reading list.

You can read at your local pool while enjoying the water and also if you like reading in white noise. However, if you have a pool or your friend does, you can read in a more quiet and peaceful environment by their or your pool. Getting a tan will never have been that fun :)!

4- At a bistro/coffee place

Enjoying a cold drink at a coffee place/bistro outside is always great which makes it a great place to go read a book this summer. 

It is my favorite place in the winter to read because I can enjoy a cup of tea while reading books and do my psychology papers. I really enjoy drinking iced cappuccino and iced tea at Starbucks and press cafe. You can also eat a panini and chat with friends in an amazing setting.

5- In your car

Even if it can get hot in your car, you can open the trunk and sit on a towel looking at the view, cause you can park anywhere you want (Almost). This is why you should consider your car as a place to read.

You don’t have to let the engine work while you read but don’t forget that you can’t let the trunk open too long cause it can kill your battery. Well, it rarely happens but just in case it happens, you can’t say I did not tell you haha.  

6- By the fire

With a good lighting at night, blankets, bug spray, and a hoodie, you can read by the fire while eating marshmallows and smores. 

I find fire such a peaceful thing to look at and it also keeps you warm on cold nights when you are on a camping trip. 



Published by: almostapsychologygeek

I'm passionate about psychology and how our brain works when it comes to human behaviors. I love books about psychology, thriller, and suspense. I'm trilingual (French 1st language, English 2nd language, and Spanish 3rd language), I play hockey with John Abbott College Islanders Division 1 and aspired to be a psychologist one day :)! Futur Psychology Student at Concordia University 🧠👩🏻‍⚕️

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