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In the past months, my first love ends our relationship which broke my heart in a thousand of pieces. Even today, I have hard days and I’m sure I was not the only one to have been in this situation. By reading some books to clear my head, I found that interesting book called The Humanmagnet Syndrome: Why do we love People who hurt us? written by Ross Rosenberg, a brilliant psychologist in the United States. His book talks about how people from a scale of 5 (codependent) to -5 (narcissist) can create a dysfunctional relationship if the total of both partners does not equal 0. It explains why some people tend to stay in their dysfunctional relationship. Mr. Rosenberg uses a particular language that is sometimes hard to understand for people who speaks french as a maternal language. However, this book demystified love and relationships with concrete examples and a chapter dedicated to both sides of the scale. I really recommend this book for people who wants to understand why their relationships are dysfunctional and how they can make their way up on the scale to achieve a 0 on the scale individually. It is available in some library in Montreal especially the one near my college. I hope that everyone who are in a bad period due to a break up: You will be able to forget this person one day. Like Mark Twain would say, ” Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”. 

– AaPG



Published by: almostapsychologygeek

I'm passionate about psychology and how our brain works when it comes to human behaviors. I love books about psychology, thriller, and suspense. I'm trilingual (French 1st language, English 2nd language, and Spanish 3rd language), I play hockey with John Abbott College Islanders Division 1 and aspired to be a psychologist one day :)! Futur Psychology Student at Concordia University 🧠👩🏻‍⚕️

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